ULKC 40th Anniversary

This is the 40th year of the kayak club in UL and to Commemorate we will be having a weekend of celebrations next semester.Our 40th Anniversary celebrations are taking place on the weekend of April 9th-10th 2016. We would love for as many former members, young and old, to attend no matter where you are in the world. It’ll be a rare opportunity to catch up and relive arguably some of the best fun we’ve all had thanks to this club and the opportunities it has given us in life. Loads more information on the event available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1024827197550516/ And please SPREAD THE WORD! This is a massive milestone for any club and we want to have an event to match the achievement. Take a look at the video below. Hopefully it resurrects some good memories.

Wicklow trip 2015

Here’s a write up by one of our members Josh Morris about this years club trip to Wicklow. Wicklow Trip 2015               It was a cold, dark evening but spirits were high when we arrived onto the boathouse at 6 o’clock for our weekend long trip to Wicklow! Everything started off well, we were all fairly quick to start packing our gear and making sure we had everything ready for the trip. However it wasn’t long before someone decided to start playing some tunes through the speakers. That’s kind of where it went downhill. All work was ceased and everyone decided to have a bit of a dance off instead. Sure it delayed our set off time but it was well worth the craic! We finished packing the sprinter and all the other cars heading up. There wasn’t a space left unused. We just about managed to load ourselves into the cars and off we went. Everyone was fairly excited as this was the first kayaking trip to Wicklow for most going and the first time on a river for a few!   The journey was going well, time was flying by! That is until we reached the Wicklow … Continue reading

Lahinch 2015

  By Borys Stan & Cormac Rowe As the new semester begins, The University of Limerick Kayak Club is proud to welcome its newest members, and what a better way to introduce the newcomers to the spirit of ULKC than with a weekend of fun and adventure! On the 25th of September we set off on our annual trip to Lahinch, Co. Clare. The weekend proved to be a truly amazing experience for all. As we boarded the bus on Friday evening everyone was full of anticipation and eager to delve into all that the weekend had to offer. The journey was shortened by the angelic voices of all our members. Instruments were welcomed and we sang our hearts out for nearly the whole journey. To our amusement, amazement and possible distress, we attempted to recall the words of our favourite songs. Some eventually found their astounding lyrical prowess while others continued to squawk like crows! Upon arrival at the hostel everyone was eager to introduce themselves and integrate with the great atmosphere in the building that evening. The night was jam-packed full of craic with names repeated several times until they were remembered. The experience did bring about a … Continue reading

Freshers Week

  By Cormac Rowe & Joe Doyle Tuesday the 8th September marked the beginning of what will be another kayaking filled year here at ULKC with all the new kayakers hopping into the pool to kick things off to a good start. With a paddle in hand and a wobbly boat, these are the first steps to becoming a world class kayaker. Eager new members tearing off on the water getting to know the ins and outs of how to paddle while at the same time avoiding the 60 other kayakers paddling around them. For the people who didn’t get into a kayak we had nearly two full teams of water polo having a laugh waiting to swap over and try out the kayaks. The looks of awe could be read on the faces of the new paddlers of ULKC as some of the older members decided to show off what a kayak could really do; loops in the air and all sorts of acrobatics were demonstrated. 11:00pm finally came and it was time to get out of the pool. However, all was not yet finished. Afterwards we gathered our gear up and headed down to the Scholars Bar to … Continue reading

Alps write-up!

Here’s a write-up of our Alpine training and development trip earlier this summer, as written by our eloquent in-house Bard, Dan O’Sullivan I’m wearing a luminous orange wife beater and I’m on my second bottle of San Pellegrino Orange Soda while my punnet of strawberries is diminishing. It’s 5 o’clock, we are driving from Bergamo to Kobarid and I feel better than I have done in a year. Tomorrow brings that moment I have been waiting a year for. When you are just paddling along and something happens, you react perfectly and the water splashes in your face. Then and there in that moment I will have my first white water smile. All my worries, anxieties, insecurities and the tremors of stress and the memory of outside life will disappear and I will exist as I should. That moment will be as clear and as pure as the Alpine snow melted water that we are paddling. The craic is 90 on Seanie’s bus. Suddenly I have the feeling that things can change. The summer is opening up like a wide expanse before me and each breaking wave that crashes into the flood of excitement on this bus holds infinite possibility … Continue reading

UL Kayak Club clean up on the river Shannon

-By Charlotte Ryan & Cormac Rowe On the 18th of April 2015, the University of Limerick Kayak Club took part in a river clean up on the section of the Shannon that flows through UL’s campus. Members of the club took to the water to collect the rubbish and debris that littered the rivers banks and islands. Weather conditions were ideal for the event as the water was calm and the sun was blazing. Due to human pollution and the winter storms there was no shortage of rubbish to be gathered up. All members who took part were excited for a day of paddling, fun and making a real difference to UL’s environment. The University of Limerick has recently been placed 11th out of 360 universities as being one of the greenest campuses in the world. This ranking is in relation to environmentally friendly University management and maintenance as stated by the Green Metric Ranking of World Universities. The river clean-up has now become an annual event for the kayak club and is a great way for the club to give back to the environment that they get so much use out of. With tremendous support from the UL Green … Continue reading

Interview with Jack Phelan – The new captain of the kayak club.

How long have you been Kayaking? I started in my first year so about 2 and a half years What is your favourite discipline in Kayaking? I’d be 50-50 between Whitewater and Freestyle which are also probably the two most practiced disciplines in ULKC What is your greatest achievement in kayaking? Getting my level 4 after less than a year is pretty high up there and also helping the club win the 6 in a row. How are you finding your new role of captain so far? It’s not too bad yet. We are just starting to organise our annual trip to the Alps which is going to involve a lot of logistical challenges due to the amount of people we try to bring every year. First semester of 2015 is when it’s going to get hard, trying to recruit as many members as we can and then both trying to keep them and ensure they have a good time. Is there a lot of pressure on you now given the clubs winning history in both national competitions and UL’s C&S awards? I wouldn’t say a lot no, obviously with us winning the 6 in a row in the Intervarsities … Continue reading